1. The 'beasts' share the same scent - how to piss off an alien/human hybrid
  3. the hybrids carrying filthy spawn (like in the days of Noah) are easy to SNIFF out, literally, they all smell the same when you're in the proper state of mind.
  5. some of them have eyes which appear to be bugging out of their face.
  7. even if you can't detect the scent of the hybrids, or 'beasts', inhale deeply whenever the hybrids are close, don't express any emotion, just keep inhaling deeply and make your facial expression be that of deep contemplation.
  9. when you do this, they know that you know what their true reality is - it's like the movie THEY LIVE where Nada sees the truth through the glasses and confronts them.
  11. don't confront, just inhale deeply. maybe shake your head and laugh, mumble about stupid aliens but nothing deep.

Posted by Anonymous at 25 Nov 2013, 10:33:30 Etc/UTC
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