1. Follow the Sun
  2. The True Story of Hearth's Warming Eve and the Founding of Equestria
  5. Prologue
  6. The Legend of the Alicorn
  9. Once there was nothing. Neither sun nor moon rose to light the earth, for neither they nor it had come to be. Neither pony, nor griffin, nor dragon had yet awoken to life. Even time itself had yet to be. It was into this nothingness that one came from a realm beyond our own. She looked upon the infinite emptiness and saw that nothing here was corrupt; nothing was yet impossible, and the future was as infinite as the void itself.
  11. She knew the power she held here, for nothing yet existed to limit it, and with the hope of her world at heart, she decided to create a new universe here. Onto the blackness she spread a web of stars; one of these she created with the utmost care, and called it the Sun. Then, in the light of this single star, she created planets; first among them, the Earth, onto which she gave the Moon to light the parts of it which Sun might not reach, and upon which she spread great oceans, and sent out vast rivers like bolts of lightning set into the ground, and transformed the barren brown land into the green of trees and grass, and finally capped its mountains with the white of snow.
  13. Yet the Earth, while fertile, was still empty, and she knew her work was not yet complete, for she had come to create a world of harmony among all, and none existed to know that harmony. It was so that upon the plains of the Earth, she created ponykind in the image of her ideal, and then, filled the world with all that now lives. With the greatest care, she placed each of these beings, so that they would know the harmony her world lacked. All was finally as it should have been.
  15. However, it was now she perceived a problem. The world had form, but was without laws or change. It was a vision; a dream; a moment. Without change, none of her creation could see any other, for it knew only the most infinitesimal moment of existence, and nothing of the grandeur of the universe, or the harmony of all things within it. Even more, it was now she realized that she herself was without form in this world, and was not of it; while it was hers, she could never be a part of it; for, no matter how pure her intent, she was not as pure as her creation, and would taint it with all that was not meant to be.
  17. It was so that finally she resolved she would stay no longer; and to rule in her place, she created another form of ponykind, to wield the fragments of her power: the Alicorn. Onto the Sun, Celestia; the Moon, Luna; and to rule time and the order of things, Auroraious. The sisters, the Princesses, would be the Lords of Harmony; and Auroraious, their brother, would be the Lord of Nature.
  19. Then, her work at last complete, the Queen of the Alicorn bid farewell to them and left the universe, never to return.
  22. This is the story that has survived the ages. Tradition holds it was passed to us by Princess Celestia, and that all before her was told to her by the Queen herself. Yet other legends tell different stories; some of other Alicorn; some of great wars of ponykind; and some, indeed, of even more sinister implications. It is in our truest and most sincere hope that we unicorns have adopted this legend as our earliest history; but all of us know, there is more we have yet to discover, and quite possibly, more yet to be written.

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